How to identify Ghost Consultants

What is a Ghost Consultant?

A ghost Consultant is an unlicensed, unregulated, unknowledgeable, incompetent immigration consultant that is deceiving many newcomers that wish to come to Canada.

In other words that is Immigration fraud in Canada. Ghost Consultants can come as a very professional individual and may tell you that they have the credentials to be giving advice and to take upon cases.
A ghost consultant would most likely not have a personal website or any social media accounts as they have to be discreet as much as they can as they are committing immigration fraud.

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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant - RCIC

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant must be a member in good standing in order to provide legal services.
The steps that a regulated consultant must do is participate in ongoing education to learn about the new immigration laws and how it affects today’s immigration business. One Important fact that regulated consultant has verses a ghost consultant is that a regulated consultant is expected to pay insurance for their RCIC membership to pay out clients that may face hardship due to the service that was provided.
A ghost consultant is not subject to pay any insurance and does not need to pay out any clients if they make a mistake on their applications this is another form of immigration fraud. If you come across a ghost consultant you must report it to immigration fraud in Canada.

Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud in Canada is ongoing situation that both authorities in Canada and government representatives outside of Canada are dealing with on yearly basis. If you feel like you are coming across immigration fraud in Canada you must report immigration fraud. In a recent article on Immigration fraud in Canada Minister of Immigration Marco E.L made some remarks in regards to Fraud Prevention Month on March 2,2020. The whole article can be found on: Website: canada.ca

Some remarks that he made are as followed:

  • No one can promise your application will be given special treatment or guarantee that it will be approved.
  • If you decide to hire a representative, always ensure they are authorized to do business with the government.

How Ghost Consultant network is running

  • Immigration Consultants are regulated by a body called ICCRC and they are able to conduct investigation on its own members. They cannot go after non-members those get forward to CBSA for investigation.
  • Many Ghost consultants are scattered all over the world claiming that they have connections with immigration officials in Canada.

Ways to prevent Ghost Consultants.

Following steps, you may take if you believe your consultant is a ghost consultant:

  • Ask for their special RCIC number which will indicate if they are a member of good standing. If they refuse to provide their RCIC number that should be the first indication that this may be a fraud.
  • Another key factor would be a retainer must be signed outlining all the services that would be provided with the price next to it. If the “ghost consultant” does not offer you to sign a retainer and requests you to pay for the services in full before the application to being complete is another indication that you may be dealing with a fraudster.

Ways to protect yourself

Coming to a new country is already hard enough, let alone finding someone that you can trust to complete your application and to keep you in the loop can cause a lot of issues. The ways you can take to protect yourself from immigration fraud in Canada and the steps we recommend at North Vista Immigration is to:

  • Visit any consultant’s website and see if they have any pictures of themselves with their unique RCIC number. Going on the RCIC website to double-check if the member is in good standing is another key step that can be done to ensure that you are not getting cheated.
  • Looking at Google reviews can also help as real clients can post and talk about the experience they have with particular consultants.
  • Making sure the information on the retainer agreement reflects the information of the consultant such as his name, address, and RCIC number. Lastly, all consultants at North Vista Immigration are all regulated and members in good standing.

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