IRCC provides processing timelines for Immigration Applications

Recently, the government of Canada has revised its processing timeframe to accommodate the nations’ operational capacity during the pandemic.

On its website, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has put it on alert that COVID-19 may trigger processing delays for people seeking immigration services. Currently, applications of individuals excluded from travel restrictions are given priority by the department.

According to the IRCC website on March 26, here is a summary of the revised processing times. The details on IRCC’s website about where they are in the processing queue are dependent on 80 percent of applicants, according to the organization. For purposes unique to the program, more complicated applications may take longer.

Permanent Residence

The IRCC confirms it is processing permanent resident applications at full speed. However, due to a lag of applications caused by COVID-19, you can face some delays.

At the time of publishing, the IRCC stated that it was finalizing the majority of the Canadian Experience Class applications obtained between the dates of May 24 and May 30, 2020, implying that IRCC is focusing on applications received nearly a year earlier.

PR Cards

Regarding permanent residency (PR) cards, one should check the online status tool to see the current status of their application. This also applies to all individuals applying for a PR card for the first time, renewal, or replacement. IRCC states that you should organize all necessary documents and have your identification numbers so that you can log in at any time. If you happen not to get access to the online tool try IRCC’s webpage. New PR cards are currently being processed in about 125 days, and renewals are taking about 80 days. At the moment, renewals take approximately 80 days and are processed in approximately 125 days.





IRCC Status


Grant of CitizenshipReceived Acknowledgement of Receipt LetterFinalizing majority applications received between March 31-April 6, 2019


Grant of CitizenshipWaiting to receive Acknowledgement of Receipt Letter 

Sending letters for applications received the week of January 21,2021


Proof of Citizenship 


Check Client Application Status Tool. Processing time is 5 months






IRCC Status

Spousal, common-law, dependent child sponsorshipInlandFinalizing majority applications received between Sept 29-Oct 2019
Spousal, common-law, dependant child sponsorshipOutlandFinalizing majority applications received between Sept 26-May –June 2019
Parents and GrandparentsCheck online account
Adoptive child or relativeCheck online account

Temporary workers

Work Permit Type

Online / Paper

Eligible for Global Skills Strategy

IRCC Status

Work Permit Outside CanadaOnlineYesFinalizing majority applications received between Sept 20-Sep26 –2020
Work Permit Outside CanadaOnlineNoCheck Online Account
Work Permit Outside CanadaPaperNo accurate processing detail at the moment
Inside Canada (initial, extension, changes)OnlineFinalizing majority applications received between December 13-19-2020
Work Permit Inside Canada (initial, extension, changes)PaperFinalizing majority applications received between December 13-19-2020
For asylum claimantsOnlineFinalizing majority applications received between December 6-12 2020
For asylum claimantsPaperFinalizing majority applications received between December 6-12 2020


At the moment, the majority of applications submitted between the period of 13 December and 19 December 2020 are in the process of being finalized by the IRCC. This covers study permit application, extensions of study permits, and student working permits. Additionally, more complicated may be upheld for a longer period in the processing queue.


Online: You should sign in to your account to verify the current status of your application, if you have applied for a Visitor Visa online, under “View my applications or profiles submitted,” click “check status and messages.”

Paper: For those who applied for a visitor visa via paper, you can search the link provided to you on your online application, where you can see your application status. You may also get notifications from IRCC concerning your submission.

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