What the rest of 2021 Canadian Immigration looks like


It is easy to say that Canadian immigration would be guided by Canada’s ability to defeat COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected Canadian immigration policy since March 2020. Every policy decision has been affected by COVID related disruptions. Whether it was travel restrictions, loss of jobs or policy changes. The third wave of the virus resulted in predictable lockdowns all over Canada especially in the largest provinces. Now that things are improving the past few weeks, COVID cases are going down and the Canadian population getting vaccinated. The prediction is that Canada will return more to normalcy and that will significantly change the Canadian government’s immigration restrictions and give the IRCC stronger consideration to welcoming more immigrants.

Canada’s ability to alleviate travel distractions and allow more immigrants in the country will depend on the success of its vaccine campaign in the coming months.

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Canada May Raise Cap on Temporary Immigration programs 

According to minister Mendicino, the Canadian government has hinted that this week they may raise the current limits for the permanent residents admitted under its new temporary program. The program that aims to admit 9000 permanent residents to Canada was extremely successful as they reached their capacity within 24 hours for one of the six streams.

Canadian immigration minister Marco Mendicino was quoted in the globe and Mail saying, “I’m open to discussion on whether or not to review the current caps.” He did express that they will be carefully assessing the early results of the program before opening the capacity to take more admissions. Due to the encouraging response that they have received from prospective permanent residents.

The launch of this new permanent residency pathways part of a multi layered approach by the Canadian government to meet their immigration numbers to help support the countries post covid economic recovery. Canada aims to welcome at least 401, 000 immigrants per year and the statistics suggest that it may be on course to meet its targets if they continue implementing pathways as they are currently.

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