Apply for Canadian immigration spousal to reunite with your loved ones

Canada’s immigration system has a few key components and spousal sponsorship is one of the main ones.

Canada’s immigration levels plan of 2021-2023 is aiming to welcome 80,000 new immigrants per year via its spousal, partner and children category. Meaning majority of the immigrants who will come to Canada will come as spouses and partners of individuals who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

During the pandemic the process of spousal sponsorship applications has been on hold however immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC) should be able to get back on track once covid-19 has been contained. The prospect of this happening soon is high as vaccine levels increase and cases go down.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada can sponsor their spouse or common law partner to obtain permanent resident status. True sieve approval the sponsor and sponsored person must prove to IRCC that their relationship falls under the following categories:

• Spouse
• Common-law partner
• conjugal partner

Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to sponsor if they meet the following criteria:

• At least 18 years old,
• Are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident,
• they are not receiving social assistance unless they have a disability,
• they can provide for the financial needs of a sponsored person

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who wishes to sponsor your loved one for immigration to Canada, get in touch with us today and we can help you with the process and ensure that your loved one can come live in Canada with you as soon as possible.

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