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Study 2 YEARS & Get 3 YEARS Work Permit in Canada

The opportunity to Study Abroad is super-exciting yet challenging.  The number of countries that prove to be a quality destination for students who wish to study abroad have increased over the years and along with that, the choice of selecting the right country has become difficult. The list of major study destinations for international students include countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK, the US and New Zealand.

There are 6 major criteria which every student must consider while selecting a study abroad destination, these are as follows:

1. Opportunities for full-time work following studies:

Only Canada offers full-time work opportunities after the completion of the studies and the work permit is usually up to 3 years after completing a 2-year course. International students in Canada, are assured that they will receive a work permit immediately after they have successfully completed their studies.

2. Opportunity to immigrate as Permanent Resident:

Only Canada currently offers an opportunity to international students to apply for Permanent Residence after fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Most international students qualify under the various Permanent Residence streams after they have completed 1 year of full-time work experience in Canada combined with their language skills and other criteria.

3. Relatively low cost of study:

On the affordability scale, studying in Canada is much more affordable as compared to other international destinations. The living cost and tuition fee are very much reasonable in Canada.

4. Quality of education:

The major reason for studying abroad is the quality of international education. Canada has a strong education system that creates professionals, provides long-term career prospects, excellent teaching methods, practical learning opportunities and English/French Bilingualism.

5. Safe and secure country:

Canada is a multicultural country where people from diverse cultures and nationalities live together. Canadians welcome all nationalities and cultures with open arms.

6. Opportunity to work during studies:

International students are allowed to work for 20 hours/week during their studies; and they can work full-time during vacations. This gives the students exposure to the professional world, preparing them for their careers ahead.

Currently around 642,000 international students are studying in Canada and this huge number proves that Canada is truly an international education destination!

96% of these international students recommend Canada as a study destination. 60% of these international students plan to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

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If your in-class courses are being moved to an online-only format because of COVID-19, you’re still eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP).
If you have a study permit, or been approved for a study permit for a program starting in the spring, summer or fall, but you can’t travel to Canada at this time due to travel restrictions, you’re also still eligible for the PGWPP.

If you’re in this situation, you may

• Begin your classes while outside Canada, and
• Complete up to 50% of your program while outside Canada, if you can’t travel to Canada sooner.

If you start your studies in fall 2020, you won’t have time deducted from the length of your post-graduation work permit for studies you complete while outside Canada between fall 2020 and December 31, 2020.

• 96% of international students recommend Canada as a study location and
• 60% want to apply for permanent residence after their studies.

Ready to plan your studies in Canada? This brings us to the next topic: Canada study permit.

A study permit allows you to study at your designated learning institute in Canada. You will need to apply for it before you start your traveling to Canada. With a study permit approval, you will be issued a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA).

You are eligible to apply to a study permit if

• You are enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI)
• If you have passed your language (English or French) proficiency course
• You have the necessary funds to pay for tuition, living expenses, transportation costs
• You have no criminal record
• You are in good health and have a medical exam (if required)
• You will conduct an interview with an immigration officer at the border

To get a Canadian study permit, you must first apply to a designated learning institute. Once accepted, you may proceed to apply for a study permit. Along with the application itself, you will be required to submit certain documentation, as well as meet all requirements set by the Canadian government.

About 30 % of all applications are rejected, according to the IRCC.

Why do some permits get refused?

• Financial funds
• IRCC is not convinced that the applicant will leave Canada
• The chosen study programs
• Letter of acceptance
• Travel documents
• Travel history
• Family relationships
• Employment prospects

Mostly international students in Canada finish their studies with the hopes of obtaining work and remaining in Canada permanently as Canada is the best place to live permanently. After having gained academic and work experience in Canada, they may have more options to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

The PGWP post-graduate work permit allows international students to start working in Canada after their education.

What are the restrictions?

• You must be enrolled in a full-time program at a designated learning institution
• You program must be at least eight months long and will end with a diploma, degree, or certificate

A PGWP is a great opportunity for international students to gain work experience after graduation.
The work permit is valid for up to 3 years. The length depends on your program. You will be able to gain great work experience and it will be an advantage if you apply for PR later.

On May 14, 2020, the Canadian government announced significant flexibility for international students, including preserving their ability to work after graduation. “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on international students,” said Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in a statement. “In response to the health and travel restrictions that are in place, many designated learning institutions (DLIs) are offering their courses online. Post-secondary institutions and prospective students alike are considering their approach to the fall semester. Both have sought guidance from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada regarding eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) for students starting at an eligible DLI this fall.” Source:

Regulation have changed to allow international students to complete up to 50 % of their program through online courses if travel restrictions are keeping them from coming to Canada. No time will be deducted from the length of the PGWP.

This is a needed and necessary attempt to help international students and to foster Canadas reputation as attractive study destination.
Canada is encouraging international students to still chose Canada as their study destination. Giving them the option to become permanent resident later on.

While the whole world in affected by COVID-19, Canada is still dedicated to help international students.
The government of Canada recognizes the big impact international students make. They do not only contribute to the economy; they shape and share social and cultural values and contribute to our society.

The international students, as an example, generate an enormous economic benefit for both countries. In 2018 they work/generate 170,000 jobs and create $22 billion for the economy. According to a recent research almost 60% of international students want to apply for permanent residence after their studies. In 2018 around 54,000 former students became permeant residents.

The PGWP is a popular way to stay in Canada after your education. But how can students start with their programs right now? Travel restrictions and COVID-19 have made things complicated. Canadian schools started to offer their courses via distance learning options. An attempt to help students to start with their education, although they might be in a different country. However, students who were planning on working in Canada afterwards are depended to be in Canada for the duration of their program.
Canada acted quickly; The Post-graduation work permit (PGWP) rules are changed.

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