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Denied Entry to CanadaIf you or your family member has been denied entry into Canada, there can be hope for almost every negative situation.

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BANFF, AB, CANADA - JUNE 2018: Visitors on the lookout point on the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff.

Reasons for denied entry

You can be denied entry for various reasons, such as:

  • Medical inadmissibility that could be a threat to public health
  • Criminal convictions
  • Financial issues that can show that you do not have the means and cannot cover your expenses while visiting Canada
  • Misrepresentation of yourself in interview or paperwork
  • Traveling with inadmissible family member
  • Noncompliance with immigration and refugee protection act
  • Human or international rights violations

How can we help?

Your current outcome is not the last decision, this is where we can help you challenge it.

Depending on the circumstances, we can offer and implement expedient solutions or in more complicated cases we may take a more focused approach to tackle the challenge.

Immigration is a complex process that requires meticulous work, attention to detail and strong legal strategy. Dealing with immigration officials and government departments are tasks that require precise paperwork and a lot of patience. This is where experienced team of north vista immigration can help you, we can take care of things for you and reduce the risk of wasted time, money, and rejection.

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