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Immigrate from US to Canada

Get help with visa applicationWould you like to take a step towards your Canadian Permanent residency or to stay, work or study in Canada?

We are here to help you. Fill out the online assessment form to schedule a 30 minute evaluation session with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and assess your eligibility.


As Canada’s footprint keeps on growing there is an increasing demand for skilled workers. This demand can be filled by the many highly skilled workers from these countries in professions such as engineering, science and computer-based technologies, and business entrepreneurship. Under the United States -Mexico -Canada Agreement (USMCA), Americans do not need a Labour Market Assessment to work in Canada. This makes it a lot easier for US Citizens with a job offer to work in Canada. Also, Americans moving to Canada can transition much quicker due to similar culture and language. While working in Canada, Americans can also gain access to the same health and social benefits available to Canadians and permanent residents in Canada. 

If you interested in learning more about these opportunities, we welcome you to contact us today.

Who is this for?

Q1. Are you currently in the process of submitting an Immigration application to come to Canada?

Q2. Do you need any assistance with your application or perhaps are you thinking of doing it on your own?

Q3. Did you know that applications that are done on their lead have higher chances of refusal due to factors such as incorrect documentation, missing information and misrepresentation?

What you get:

Submit your immigration application with confidence after an up to 40-minute consultation (via phone or video conference) with one of our experienced immigration professionals. We will professionally review the application and supporting documentation and you have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

DON’T WORRY! here at North Vista Immigration, we cater to all applicants, including DIY as well as those who need assistance with their applications.

Starting from CAD $50+HST

Professional consultation

Eligibility evaluation

Assessment questions answered.

For any immigration stream

Determination of immigration pathway

NOC determination


Review of application including:

1. Application forms

2. Related documents

3. Express Entry data

4. Customize Employment reference letter templates

5. Common law relationship documentation

Immigration Plan

Application Forms

Document Review

Final Pre-submission Application Review Meeting


Professional consultation

Eligibility evaluation

Assessment questions answered.

Determination of immigration pathway

NOC determination

Preparation of application including:

  1. 1. Application forms

2. Related documents

3. Express Entry data

4. Customize job letter templates

5. Spousal relationship documentation

6. Common law/Conjugal relationship

Professional review by RCIC

Submission & tracking

Full Q&A

Interview preparation

Representation by RCIC

Dedicated staff for communication

This includes complete service from preparation of the application till the decision outcome by IRCC. Some of the main scope of work under this service are as follows but not limited to:

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