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Work in Canada in your own Business

A unique opportunity to purchase a business in Nail & Spa Salon located in Alberta, Canada. The current owners are retiring after operating a Nail and Spa Salon since 2006.

Ideally the current Owner/Shareholders are looking for a business entrepreneur with experience in managing a similar business in their country who would be interested in acquiring the business and immigrate to Canada as a business investor.

More Details

The Salon has achieved revenues more than $500,000 Cdn on average each year over the past 5 years with a cashflow of $100,000 annually.

The existing owners would provide 3-6 months of support to assist in the integration.

Asking price is negotiable and will be based on a formal valuation report prepared by a qualified Chartered Professional Accountant.

Contact North Vista Immigration for inquiries at: nvmigroup@gmail.com

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