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Sponsor your Common-Law Partner


Are you looking to sponsor your common-law partner to become a Permanent Resident (PR) in Canada? The process is not always easy because several factors need to be considered. The conditions are many, from proving your relationship with the applicant to showing that you can take care of the same.

But not to worry – we have made a concise breakdown of the steps you need to take to apply for a PR for your common-law partner in Canada.

Steps to Applying for Permanent Residency for Your Common-Law Partner

These are the essential steps to take if you want to get a Permanent Residency (PR) for your common-law partner:

  1. Get the Application Package

The first step is to get the application package corresponding to the PR application you want to make. In this case, it falls under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada.

The package comes with important information, such as a checklist that lets you know the important documents to provide and how to fill the same. You will find guidelines on how to supply the needed information, such as the applicant’s details and whether the applicant is residing in Canada or a foreigner.

  1. Pick the Forms/Documents needed for the Application

You can now pick the necessary forms to apply for PR for a common-law partner in Canada. Use the checklist to fill the forms and ensure the forms are filled according to the requirements of specific countries listed therein.

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The other things to have in mind are:

  • An authorized person must certify the original/true copies of the documents. The conditions for the certification include using the full name, signature, and approval dates. Some persons authorized to do this are a commissioner of affidavit-taking and a notary public.
  • A police certificate must be provided, especially if you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a Permanent Resident (PR).
  1. Prepare the Forms

It is now time to prepare the forms for the application. Click here to view the list of forms expected to be filled by both the sponsor and the applicant.

While the instructions in the forms should guide you, it is also pertinent to be sincere with the information you provide.

  1. Settle the Bill

Next is to make payment for the application. You can view the breakdown of the fees here. The fee includes the costs of sponsorship and processing the Visa application.

Another vital fee to pay is the Right of Permanent Resident Fee (RPRF). Without this, it would be impossible to facilitate or honor the application for your common-law partner to become a Permanent Resident (PR) in Canada.

  1. Scrutinize the Application before Submitting

Take the time to go through the filled forms and documents to ensure no mistakes or incoherencies.

  1. Submit the Application and hope for the best

Now, hand in the application. It would be an excellent idea to photocopy the forms/documents as you may need some vital information during the final checks on the application.

The Post-Application Process

After submitting the application for PR for a common-law partner, you will receive feedback from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Email communication is most likely, although you may be contacted by other means, such as an authorized paid representative.

Passing a medical exam and possibly applying for medical insurance is possible during the wait.

Note that the application might not be processed and would be returned to you for several reasons, including:

  • Some missing documents and forms are missing.
  • Unsigned forms.

You can appeal if the application is rejected. Besides that, expect a mail or direct communication from the IRCC letting you know that the application processing has commenced and the following steps to take.

Does this sound like the best immigration program for you and your loved one(s)? If so, North Vista Immigration, one of the leading Immigration Consultants in Canada, is more than willing to provide professional guidance for a hitch-free common-law partner Visa application.

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