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Canada Study Permit | Contact us for your Study Permit Application

Study In CanadaGet a Study Permit from Canada

Apply for a two-year study permit and get your desired degree. Start looking for a Canadian institute to get approval for a study permit.

North Vista Immigration Consultants are here to help you. So, contact us or fill out an online assessment form in a minute.

Make Your Dream Come True to Study in Canada

A study permit allows foreign nationals to get a degree from Canada’s designated learning institute (DLIs). You’ll need to apply before coming to Canada. A study permit is not a visa- you can’t enter Canada with it. Applicants need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or visitor visa.

North Vista Immigration Complaints help you apply for a study permit, improving your chances of acquiring a visa. We can guide you through the process, from submitting a letter to DLI to applying for a visitor visa. Our team of experts ensures you meet all the study permit requirements.

Due to COVID-19, you must apply with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. We help you complete all the requirements in less time while putting in less effort. With the help of the North Vista Immigration Consultant, you can get two years of study permits and three years of work permits in Canada.

Why do You Need to Apply for Canada Study Permit?

For Study Permit

Without a study permit, you can’t enroll in any Canadian institution. You need an approved application from the DLI before applying for a visa. Once you get a study permit, you’ll receive an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or visitor visa.

Who can apply for a Study Permit?

For Study Permit

People who meet the following requirements can apply for a study permit.

  • Fully vaccinated candidates
  • People with DLI approval
  • Candidates with enough money to pay for livening expenses, tuition fees, and return transportation
  • Candidate within good health condition

What are the Eligibility Criteria of Study Permit?

You’re eligible to apply if you meet the following criteria.

  • You receive approval from Canadian institutes that comes in DLI
  • You passed a language proficiency course in French or English
  • You have no criminal record and certification from the police
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have interviewed within an immigration offices

Maximize Your Chance of Getting Approval

Yearly Canadian immigration offices receive hundreds of applications, but only a few have been approved. Contact us to ensure that your application is sorted out as an approved application. North Vista Immigration Consultant has expertise and knowledge to maximize your chances of getting approval.

We will help you fill out the form, attach the right documents, and an approval from the DLI. We have licensed immigration agencies who have helped hundreds of people enter Canada. Contact us if you are struggling with the study permit form and need any help.
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