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Super Visa Canada


Super Visa (for Parents and Grandparents): How to Apply?

Are you the parent or grandparent of a person living in Canada? If you want to visit Canada, then the easiest way to enter the country for purposes such as visiting is to get a Super Visa. While you are guaranteed eligible if you’re the parent or grandparent of a Canadian resident, you can only get approval if your child or grandchild is ready to support your financially.

Want to learn more? To learn about the application process and eligibility criteria, read on.

What is Super Visa Canada?

This type of visa allows the parents or grandparents of permanent residents or Canadian citizens to stay in Canada for up to two years. Because it targets a certain group, it’s known as the parent and grandparent visa Canada.

The visa allows your parents and grandparents to stay with you for two years at a time, and it expires after ten years. Your family members can come to Canada as many times as they want during this period. Hence, this visa for parents and grandparents is a multi-entry visa.

People who visit Canada for less than six months at a time don’t need a Super Visa. In this case, you will simply need Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if you are applying from a visa-exempt country or standard visitor visa.

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Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria that you need to meet.

  • You need to be a parent or grandparent of a permanent resident of Canada or Canadian citizen.
  • You have a signed letter by your grandchild or child stating that they’re inviting you to Canada. The letter should include:
  • the list of family members present in the house of the inviting person
  • a promise to support you financially during your stay
  • a copy of your Canadian family member’s permanent residence or Canadian citizenship document
  • You have medical coverage from any Canada Insurance provider that:
  • offer minimum $100,000 coverage
  • is valid for a minimum of one year from the day you enter Canada
  • gives proof that you have paid your insurance

Besides that, you also need to apply for a visa outside of Canada. Applicants are also required to take an immigration medical exam. Since the super visa, Canada is designed for parents and grandparents, you can’t apply for dependents using this application.

You also need to give proof of funds that shows you can easily stay in Canada without facing financial issues. For this, your child or grandchild must provide documents and information on how they pay for household expenses. They need to tell what minimum income they need to run their house. Here are the things they can provide to prove their financial conditions:

  • employment insurance stubs
  • T4/T1 or Notice of Assessment (NOA)
  • bank statements
  • employment letter, including date of hiring and letter

How to Apply for the Super Visa?

You can apply through online forms or on paper for a parent and grandparent Super Visa. If you are busy and want to avoid the hassle of filling out paper forms, online is a simpler way. Start the process by gathering all the important documents and scanning them so that you can attach them to the form. You can also use the camera to convert hard copies to electronic ones.

Also, you’ll have to fill out a lengthy form to submit your application. You need to provide an address, a reason to visit Canada, you and your child or grandchild’s name, date of birth, supporting documents, children and spouse’s name, etc. Even though submitting an application doesn’t require you to go anywhere, it will still be a tiring and frustrating process without any help. You can consult experts to help you understand the forms and fill them out properly. Choosing a credible and reliable professional is important to properly fill out your form.

What is the Cost of Super Visa Canada?

The super visa application fee is CD$100 per person- you can convert this amount into your currency according to the current exchange rate and pay the fee. Like all other visa application processes, you might have to provide biometric verification as well. In this case, you need to pay $85 per person and $170 for a family of more than two people.

Applicants might have to pay $7 per person for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Besides these expenses, you also need to pay for the insurance coverage in Canada. This will be your biggest expense throughout the process. The cost can vary based on the coverage you choose. Even if you purchase the cheapest insurance policy, it will cost at least $800 for a single person in their mid-40s.

Can You Extend Your Super Visa?

Applicants who want to extend their stay on a Super Visa can submit a visitor record application. This will help them stay in the country even after their visa expires. This way, you needn’t leave Canada immediately after your visa expires.

You need to pay $100 per person as extending visa charges. On top of that, you need to apply at least 30 days before your current visa expires. This way, you might get approval before the expiration date, allowing you to live in the country for a few weeks based on your application.

Bottom Line

Super Visa is an ideal option to visit Canada and enjoy the country’s natural beauty. You can also use this visa to visit your child or grandchild and spend some quality time together. Though there are various benefits of opting for this visa instead of others, you should carefully fill out the form and provide supporting documents. If the process is too daunting for you, contact North Vista Immigration Consultants Inc. We have a team of experts who can ensure an easy and simple process for you.

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