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Welcome to North Vista ImmigrationWe are a professional Immigration Consultant based in Mississauga, Canada.

We have a comprehensive portfolio spanning 15 years of experience and handling practically every immigration case in Canada. This expertise allows us to provide transparent and honest recommendations/advice that comply with Canadian laws and applicable/relevant streams.

FIELDS OF EXPERTISENorth Vista's immigration consultants can help you with your dreams of moving to Canada. Here are some of your options

Our professional immigration consultants team is truly committed to producing the best results for our clients very successfully.

North Vista’s team of Canadian immigration experts are guided by the professional and ethical standards set by the Act and Regulations of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Our Happy Customers Make Us Proud

WORK WITH USIt's our job to find the best pathway to Permanent Residence

At North Vista, we share your optimism and hope of having a fresh start and exciting opportunity to migrate to Canada through your best option possible. We begin by assessing your current situation when you book a call with us. That’s way we can lay down your options and find your best pathway to realize your Canadian dream.

Why Choose NVI?North Vista Immigration Canada is a name of Trust!!

Our immigration consultants are members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Thus our team is continuously updated with the latest developments in Canadian immigration laws.

Focused on Canadian ImmigrationHelping our clients successfully make Canada their new home

Canada offers excellent migration opportunities because the government has set a target of welcoming 400,000 new immigrants each year from 2021 to 2023. There is thus no better time to plan your move to Canada than now.

Aside from opportunities for professionals, skilled workers, and investors, people choose Canada for the quality of education, universal world-class healthcare, and overall quality of life.

With the vast opportunities for professionals and workers, investors, students, and families, immigration to Canada is a good viable option for your future. We at North Vista are here to help you expedite the process and overcome immigration challenges.

CONTACT & LOCATIONIdeally located near Square One Mall, Mississauga

Toll-free in Canada and US
+1 866 668 NVIC(6842)
Outside Canada
+1 (647) 660-5758
Mon-Friday: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
170 Robert Speck Pkwy, Unit #204, Mississauga, ON, Canada

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Immigration Consultant in Mississauga, Canada

Why Choose North Vista Immigration (NVI)

Leading Immigration Consultancy Inc in Mississauga, Canada


Our mission is to guide you through the many programs offered by the (RCIC), whether you are applying for permanent residence, visitor visa, work permit, study permit, sponsoring a spouse or family unification, or simply looking for an investment opportunity in Canada, leading you successfully towards Canada.


Our consultants have years of experience and our practice is based on ethical and professional conduct as per the Act and Regulations of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


North Vista Immigration Canada is a name of Trust!! A name that has been developed through our hard work, experience, and expertise in helping our clients successfully make Canada their new home!


Over 30 years of combined experience with a vast variety of cases in various Canadian immigration streams, North Vista provide their clients with honest and sincere advice as per Canadian laws and applicable streams. North Vista Immigration Canada head office is in Mississauga, Ontario.

Canada Immigration Consultant

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada for work or study? Then, it would help if you had a Canadian immigration consultant by your side that can guide you every step of the way. Consultant immigration service plays a vital role in helping you enter Canada.

Our experts at North Vista Immigration have years of experience helping individuals immigrate to the land of opportunities. What sets our consultant immigration service apart is that we help you at every step. Whether you’re gathering documents or applying for the correct visa, we can help you at every step of the way.

Book an Appointment Today With Our Consultant Immigration Service and Start Your Journey towards the Canadian Citizenship.

The Best Immigration Service in Canada You Can Find in Mississauga, Canada

We have been providing people from different places with the best immigration consultancy to Canada. Our clientele is full of people that have availed our immigration service in Canada and achieved their goals of immigrating. With our expertise, you can learn more about the rules and regulations without going to a Canadian immigration law firm.

Areas of Expertise

We have the best Canadian immigration consultants to help you with the following visa programs.

Canadian Citizenship Services

Canadian citizenship allows you to participate in the Canadian democratic process. Using our immigration service in Canada, you can be on the road towards Canadian citizenship, which come with a range of rights and privileges.

PNP (Provincial Nominee Programs)

Our consultant immigration service can help you apply for the Provincial Nominee Programs. This program allows you to immigrate to Canada faster than other programs.

Permanent Immigration Visas

The permanent visa program helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and ambitious individuals with relevant skills to enter the country. By taking the North Vista Immigration services in Canada, you can get this visa to utilize your potential in the best possible way and enjoy the privileges offered to every Canadian citizen.

Study Visa

Canada is a top pick for many international students, as they get the chance to study in some of the world’s best universities. The immigration consultancy to Canada from our firm regarding student visas can help you fulfill your dream of studying at the country’s top universities.

Investor Visa

Want to embark on a new business adventure in Canada? Then, schedule an appointment with our Canadian immigration consultant, and they can take your through each step of the process. We will break down the complex investor visa process so you can understand it without any issues.

Express Entry

The express entry visa is a great way for talented and skilled professionals to enter and contribute to the Canadian economy. The documents and the express entry visa eligibility process might be a little complex for you to understand, but don’t worry. Our consultant immigration service tries to make things as easy for you as possible.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Our top-notch consultant service in Canada can help you with various other visa applications.

Why Choose NVI as your Canadian Immigration Consultant?

North Vista Immigration has been providing services of immigration consultancy to Canada for the past 15 years. Our satisfied clientele consists of people from various regions, such as South Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, North Africa, and many more!

Experienced Team of Canadian Immigration Consultants

Our team consists of consultants that have been providing immigration services in Canada for more than 15 years. Our immigration consultancy to Canada entails understanding your needs and giving you a complete roadmap to help you with your journey.

Moreover, we stay in touch with a Canadian immigration law firm to stay updated about the changes in rules and regulations for new immigrants. Most importantly, we understand how each case is different. Therefore, our services for immigration consultancy to Canada will assess everything and give you the best solution.

Easy Process

In addition to our experience and expertise, The NVI’s consultant immigration helps you skip the tedious process of applying. Our Canadian immigration consultant can walk you through the of applying, ensuring that you don’t spend too much time on your application.

The easy online application form only takes a few minutes to fill, but can make your case significantly easier for us to understand. As an immigration consultancy to Canada, we can help you save time no worries.

Personalized Services

Last but not least, the personalized services help us provide the best services for immigration consultancy to Canada. Each Canadian immigration consultant at NVI caters to clients’ needs and works with them to ensure they apply for a Canadian citizenship with ease.

Our consultant immigration service aims to guide you through various immigration programs that the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) offers. Whether you want a study visa or want to reunite with your family, North Vista Immigration can certainly help.

Start Your Journey with NVI, the Best Consultant Immigration Service

Canada offers a wide range of opportunities to people from all walks of life. If you dream of going to this fantastic country, you can take the NVI’s best immigration service in Canada.

We give you personalized services to ensure you know the best pathway to enter Canada. You can stay in touch with our Canadian immigration consultant, who can help with any issues that you could face along the way.

Moreover, you can understand the complex rules and regulations through our Canadian immigration law firm. We can dive into the nitty-gritty of each law to give you a better idea of the immigration laws in Canada.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best immigration service in Canada by calling our number at +1 (647) 660-5758. Or feel free to contact us and leave a message.
170 Robert Speck Pkwy #204, Mississauga, ON
+1 (647) 660-5758

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